Digital Disruption - Vol 1

It is here - it is now - it is everywhere. Of course in the technology space new business models surface all the time but now the change is also moving into areas such firedetectors and thermostats. These are not very funky devices but added with new innovation - new  players suddenly change the game and the current market leaders are only left with the option to be reactive. 

Whatch this small animation - a great video about how the established ones needs to change their mind. But the question is - can they change their mind? Do they have a culture to really innovate and not only develop?

Are they willing to take the risk of leaving the current business model behind and go  challenge the disrupters?? How will  Danfoss approach the challegne they are facing with Google aquiring Nest

But it is not all dark clouds - today the established businesses  are in many cases very profitable and change dosen´t happen overnight so if they can manage to bring their customer on the digital journey there are plenty of oppertunities for them because some of the disrupters will maybe move to fast for their customers and create a product or service they are not ready to use yet.

I find the developtment we see the Danish National Handball team is doing during the EC2014 very interesting as well. While the we are super excited of the teams performance (AND THEY DO FANTASTIC) I would be very concerned if I was the lead editor of the sports section in a national paper or television station.

The team is using social media to reach out to  fans and the question is now - do I want to open my television at a specific time to see an average reporter ask Hans Lindberg how he feels after missing 3 penanties? The answer is a  "No" - I will just watch his videoblog at any time at any device and get  an uncut insight to how he feels. This approach puts a new dimesion to our idols but if they can manage this - they are suddenly the disrupters.



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